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APRIL 3000

"April3000" pre-Resort2018 collection by Karl Michael Concept: APRiL3000 In april, year 3000, the global cyber-war came to an end. Following the HiVE3000, a radical political & social system was found. The beginning of a new oppressive era... this is the 1st chapter of a science fiction trilogie; the following shows are: DiSCO3000 ... resistance is futile in the human HiVE3000, fit or die is a daily truth in the 3rd millennium. It's hard to be diverse in all the cyber wars we fought for decades. So we hid in the underground. We individuals & misfits have to live offline to survive . We are DiSCO3000!" & HiVE3000 ... we are one, we are perfection, we are the answer, no question, resistance is futile, we are HiVE3000. After the cyber-war, the fusion of the human race required decades of cleaning, but now in the 3rd millennium, chaos and individuality don’t exist anymore. We are online as one account, we watch, think and live as one. ... we are one, we are perfection, we are the answer, no question, resistance is futile. We are HiVE3000!" Story & Collection: Karl Michael Video: Robert Lerch Cecilia Tasso Agency: Stella Models & Talents Designer: Karl Michael head of production & Music Djane: Elisabeth Mtasá Model coordinatior: Mirabella Dziruni executive assistent: Raphaela Dziruni Jewerly styling: Julian Glass Backstage Choreography: Dana Kindl head of make up: Damilola Gbonjubola PR: Jutta Schimanko Interns: Ana Batarilo (leader) Michelle Macho Hannah Kuklovsky Models: Aila Koch Lisa Strohmayr Yasi Yari Joy Aimufua Jennifer Ologhola Tamara Ander Vladimir Vukojevic Angela Belikova Katja Hofschneider Antonia Gloessel Julia Berger Caroline Hu Miao-Miao Yan Florentin Kurz Nino Mahino Buba Bojang Matthias Christ Noah Fuchs Darryl Oswald Usman Abubakar Ali Jt Paula Meertz
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