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Our short Film Alice is now out on Vimeo. A project we did back in 2018

Written & Directed by: @noahrosa_ 

Co-Directed & music by: @ganael_gana 

Produced by: @badyminck 

Director of Photography: Karl Neubart

Costume design & Styling : @bykarlmichael

Set Design: @happyhealthysexywealthy

Make Up Artists: @adrienneeuborics

Assistant Director: @mjmaetz

Art director: @bykarlmichael

Costume Styling Assistent: @catchthehoney

Additional Music: @mjmaetz 

Sound Design: @ganael_gana 

Editing: @stefanfauland

Color Correction: @jaakkotaavila 

Re Recording Mixer: @sunshinemastering 

Model Agency: @stellamodels / @robertamanganelli

Alice: Karl Neubart & @bykarlmichael

The Mad Hatter: @bykarlmichael 

Cheshire Cat: @antoniagloessel 

The Caterpillar: @tinyaila 

The March Hare:

White Queen: @j_j_d

Red Queen: @_extragolden

White Rabbit: @aj.rromance

Tweedledum and Tweedledee: Vito Vidovič Bintchende & @zoeafanstrasser ( @vitozoe_dance )

two five and seven: @arkrasnixi & @keyhanjun

Special Thanks to

@umbertobano & family

@mjam_at for catering sponsoring

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