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It's 2079, the human race is fighting a virus triggered by an explosion of a weapon created by a syndicate to control the world. The virus set free a mutation of the human race; 30% of the human population has been infected and turned into aggressive savage soldiers & drones who obey the syndicate.

Just a small part of the human population who were not infected by the virus survived the explosion and hid in underground colonies spread across the earth. The syndicate traced the last colonies to force them to subjugate themselves and infect them.

12 years after the explosion a small group of rebellions called THE PROTECTORS, a few mutants who were affected by the mutation but not infected by the virus, appeared to fight against the syndicate. Each one of these protectors gained individual superpowers through the mutation. They use them to fight & breakdown the syndicate to free the last human colonies from their underground prisons.

This is their story…

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